Berigora 30oz Pure Copper Water Bottle Ayurvedic

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Brand: Berigora

Color: Copper


  • HYDRATE THE RIGHT WAY – Drink from your Berigora bottle throughout the day to support a healthy lifestyle. Plastic bottles are not only damaging to our health but to the planet as a whole; copper bottles will benefit you and our beautiful planet.
  • CAREFULLY DESIGNED – From the curves of the bottle, to the way it feels in your hand, to the gift-ready packaging, everything about our product has been designed with intention. We limited our branding to just the packaging and the top of the cap, ensuring the bottle has a clean, modern look. It’s essentially leak-proof, keeping the water where it should be!
  • RAISE VIBRATIONS – Our bottle aids in raising energy and vibrations when combined with self-healing techniques such as diet, self-love/love for all, activities to get the blood pumping, and positive thoughts! Those who have high vibrations attract greatness. We drink water anyway; why not receive the extra health benefits of copper?
  • AN ANCIENT PRACTICE – Traditionally handcrafted by skilled artisans. Not just a water bottle; but a piece of art. Drinking from copper is a great ayurveda-based addition to a healthy lifestyle. Fill your bottle up before bed and let it enrich the water overnight. Drink it all when you wake up to kick-start your morning!
  • #1 COPPER WATER BOTTLE – At Berigora, we strive to have the best pure copper water bottle on the market. We use high-grade copper, and we do not use any coating. Customer satisfaction guaranteed – we’d love to hear your feedback!

Package Dimensions: 79x282x500

Details: Caution: Many copper water bottles are low-quality copper or coated in a chemical lacquer coating. At Berigora we are very conscious of the products we provide – we want the best for our customer’s health. Satisfaction guaranteed. Don’t risk your health with low-quality products; get it right the first time with a pure Berigora vessel.

Copper has long been cherished for its powerful healing properties by scientific researchers and ayurvedic practitioners alike. Copper can help: Burn fat, Reduce inflammation, Improve skin quality, Stimulate brain activity, Reduce signs of aging, Increase energy, Boost immunity, Protect skeletal, nervous, and cardiovascular systems. While research has proven the virtues of copper, there may be even more health benefits that science has yet to unveil. We are energetic beings; there is a reason ancient civilizations adored copper!

Fill up your Berigora bottle before bed – by morning, the water will be infused with all the benefits of copper. Drink it for the perfect start to your day!

Our 100% copper water bottles are the best on the market. Because we use pure copper, oxidation will occur. While we can’t control the nature of copper, the choice is yours – you may keep your bottle polished or let it oxidize into its own natural look.

We recommend using a combination of lemon juice and baking soda to return the shine to your bottle. Once clean, you can prevent oxidation by drying off any moisture on your bottle with a dry towel. We clean our bottles before shipping but recommend that you wash yours before use. While copper water bottles are completely safe for storing pure water, adding low pH fruit such as lemon may introduce excessive amounts of copper into your water. This can cause illness, as everyone reacts to copper differently. We recommend just using cold or room-temperature water in your vessel – hot water will cause the exterior of the bottle to overheat.

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