Otiem 100 Pure Copper Water Bottle 34 Oz Copper Bottle Water with Lid – Ayurvedic Copper Water Bottle – Copper Water Vessel – Drink More Water Bottle – Large -Leak Proof – Smooth Finish

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Brand: Otiem

Color: Copper


  • NATURAL HANDCRAFTED AYURVEDIC COPPER: Research shows you can support your health with the ancient practice of Ayurveda to easily and quickly rejuvenate your body by simply drinking water from our 100% pure copper bottles instead of glass or plastic. Simply fill your 34 Oz ayurvedic copper water bottle, leave overnight and drink first thing in the morning and you’ll start to feel the health benefits of this essential mineral in only a few days.
  • BOOST YOUR HEALTH: Drinking water stored in a 100 copper water bottle (a key feature of the stylish Otiem copper water vessel) has many health benefits and is even believed to slow down aging, accelerate weight loss, help with cardiovascular health, aid the digestive system, stimulate your brainpower and do much more to help optimize your health and brain functions.
  • START TO ACTUALLY ENJOY THE TASTE OF WATER: We strive to support your body’s health naturally with this copper jug made of healthy essential minerals. Drinking multiple litres glasses of water throughout the day has many scientifically proven benefits, and by using an Otiem bottle, your water will stay cold, delicious and refreshing all day in our reusable chilled 1 Litre jug. Your water will taste so good that you won’t even crave the taste of fat causing unhealthy sugar filled sodas anymore!
  • EASY TO CLEAN LEAK PROOF DESIGN: Our bottles are designed for your active lifestyle. Take your Ayurvedic bottle to Yoga, Pilates, Spin, Class, Work or the Gym with confidence. With a new and improved leak proof water tight screw top lid, your water will always stay where it belongs, even when the bottle is upside-down! Plus cleaning an Otiem is fast and simple, just use lemon or Vinegar water and rinse, or use a bottle brush with a mild soap and air dry.
  • 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: Don’t risk it with the other brands operated from India and China that may not be actually 100% pure copper! Otiem is a North American brand that provides high quality products that Americans love and trust. We want you to be thrilled with your new purchase. However, if you need to return an item, we’re here to help. If you’re dissatisfied, simply return the product within 30-days (no questions asked) and receive a FULL refund, guaranteed.

Package Dimensions: 102x296x544

Details: 从饮用太多苏打到消费太多果汁,消费 Too Much Sugar 是美国疾病的主要原因。 研究表明,通过采取适当的步骤,您可以经常在轨道上停止这些缺陷。 Otiem Copper 水瓶可轻松帮助您每天喝水更多水! 我们现代世界重新发现的古老自然习俗。 Otiem 铜质成分采用纯铜成分,是您能够开始优化健康的最快捷方式,真正期待您的水味! 使用这款忘记的印度技术开始看起来好看,感觉更年轻。 今天就试一瓶吧! 您需要失去什么? 美国平均每年使用 166 瓶塑料水! 这比在瓶装水上花费 300 多美元。 一个 Otiem 会在前两周内自行支付费用,为您省钱! 有了这款新的基本水壶,开始用水壶就可以在家中免费使用水壶! 再换成我们的铜水瓶,可节省 128 个塑料瓶,每次只能填满垃圾。 您听说过从铜杯和铜杯喝水,是时候试试这款便携式防漏铜分配器吧。 您自己在外出时携带的锤琢铜瓶! 注意: 这款奶瓶由纯铜制成,可能会出现明显的黑斑。 这是 NORMAL 标志,也是 PURE COPPER。 它不干净或无害。 (甚至出现在自由雕像! 看上去!) 首次使用前请阅读框中的警告和清洁说明。 注意:防漏盖为扭转顶部,不能拔掉。 只需扭转即可打开。

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